Why Us



  • Superior .30 mm European pure plastic sheet stock.
  • 310 GSM European Playing Card Stock used for paper playing cards.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified.
  • CE Certified.
  • Many new designs added to the product profile.
  • More than 3500 satisfied retailers worldwide.
  • Certificates of Compliance available wherever required .
  • Best quality playing cards available at the most economical prices

Bridge Double Deck Sets in pure plastic:

Castle, Souvnir, Imperial, Casanova,
Jackpot, Signature, Valentine, Forest

Bridge and Poker single pack decks in pure plastic:
Deluxe, Phoenix, Victoria, Imperial, Old Monk, Smuggler Gems, Ruby, Low Vision, Super Jumbo.In Bridge and Poker.

Print Production : All card decks go through 7 quality checks. You will not find any printing defects on the card fronts or the card backs.

Card Finish : All cards of each deck are exact size with no protruding corners. This is made possible due to our automatic die punch process.

Coating Quality :Our exclusive coatings guarantee very high slip and smooth finish. Slip and feel on the cards will still remain the same after many a game.

Snap :Our card decks have the best snap possible. Bounce pack from shuffle is excellent. Slip easy coatings make plastic cards fan out like paper.

Buy direct and increase your profit margins. Simple process to import direct from The Ace Card Company. Brand name playing cards at almost half the price. Fast selling consumer product. More than 60 different playing card brands to choose from. Prices better than wholesalers with low minimum order quantities. For the amount that you spend when placing an order with us, you would not get even half the number of decks from another company, while you can match our quality to the best available across the world.

You have been selling the same brands for ages. Why not sell these decks that are better in quality and economically priced. Sell at a price of your choice and multiply your margins. Increase your profits.

All our playing cards come in eye catching packaging. Our decks are made from superior quality plastic and have excellent slip and snap properties. All cards are cut through automatic cutting collating, punch process where each card is cut individually. We do not cut cards in stacks like so many other manufacturers. Why sell the same brands with restricted profit margins? These products are not available at every store. Take advantage of this opportunity and sell at a price of your choice and increase your margins.

By trading with The Ace Card Company, you can sell products that satisfy your customers. We know this is a pressured trading environment, so we always keep our costs down to offer you the best margins possible. With over forty years’ experience of manufacturing playing cards, we know what our customers want. With emphasis on play value along with quality and safety, we always deliver products that will satisfy the buyer.

Check our pricing by comparing with another company. You will find that you shall have to pay double the amount to the other company to buy same quality and quantity. Our quality is at par with the best. However, our pricing is almost half.

We regard customer satisfaction as our ultimate mission because we believe that our customer’s success is the foundation of our own success.. we aim for quick, accurate, high quality and delivery of the best possible products and services at the most competitive prices.



wholesale to the trade only:

Wholesale Only : THE ACE CARD COMPANY is a wholesale to the trade only operation. That is, we sell only to stores, online retailers and specialty accounts. Discounts are available with higher volume orders. Sorry , we cannot and will not sell retail direct to the consumer. Interested retail customers can call for the nearest retailer or online dealers of our products.

Pricing : Our wholesale pricing is available only to qualified buyers. You will need to complete an account information sheet before opening an account and processing any orders.

Orders :
All orders must be submitted in writing via fax or email by completing our order form. We do not accept phone orders. Of course, we will help you with product questions and resolve selection options but we require a written order submitted by your office in order to proceed. This insures order accuracy.

Payment Terms : All accounts will be pre-paid only.

Sales aides : We provide you with a large printed catalog and sample deck along with a printed (or digital) price list at no charge. All new accounts are required to submit a valid tax identification number.