Characterstics Of The Product
Pure Plastic Playing Cards

French index
4 Color / White Border Back

54 Cards Per Deck
Product Code # DTW 9041

Forest (Bridge Size)
Tuck Box Pack
2 Pack inside each twin deck,
Hang Tab,Window Box


These are 100% pure plastic playing cards. These cards are so much better in quality and finish than Copag brand of cards. Diamond Series playing cards are made of the highest grade superior quality plastic sheets from Europe. Each double deck set includes two decks in Bridge size. Each deck has 54 bridge-size cards with French Index. Most casinos use bridge-size cards in their table games like Texas Hold'em as Bridge size cards are a bit easier to shuffle and handle. These cards will not dent or crimp. These cards cannot be marked due to special grade plastic used. Buy them now and play with your friends and family. These are plastic playing cards and will last almost 100 times longer than standard paper playing cards.These cards fan out like paper playing cards which is a very rare feature in plastic cards.
"Game After Game, Your Deck Shall Be The Same."

  • Packing Format:Twin deck, Hang tab, Window box
  • 6 Boxes per Display
  • 12 Display per Shipper Carton.